My little autumn wishlist

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Summer is fading a way. Mosquitos drown in the morning fog. Leaf´s are changing slowly to yellow and red. I love summer, but still I couldn´t live without autumn and other seasons. September is one of my favorite months. September is colorful and little warm. It´s not going to kill your toes one by one even you choose vans instead of Dr martens. Trees are coloring streets with leafs and  day by day night sky is more visible. 

1. Number one on my little autumn wishlist is new cardigan. Finland´s winter can be cruel and it does not give you mercy. I have tried to find perfect cardigan from different stores and online, but it seems impossible to find reasonable prized cardigan which is also 100% wool. 

2. There can never be enough books. I get most of my books from library, because I don´t have enough money to buy all books I would like to read. Still sometimes I´m trying to save little extra money for books I don´t find from my local library or which I really love. One of my little dreams is to own someday big bookshelf from floor to ceiling filled with all my favorite books. 

3. During autumn I always listen more music than I usually do. It´s my way to keep darkness away. I only have Koss´s earphones, which have been one of my best buddies for years. They still work perfectly and I even use them while I´m working or running through forest. But I still think I would really love also having headphones, which I could use at home or when I´m traveling. I also have a major crush on Frends headphones.
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