Contour kit

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Two months ago I was sitting on my sofa sipping tea when I received email from Bangerhead. Then my boyfriend had to witness horrible screaming. Somehow Anastasia beverly hills contour kit is sold out everywhere in Finland. Stores have little notes informing, that they do not know, when they are going to have more of contour kits and online stores are sold out all the time. So I gave my email to Bangerhead so they would inform me when it is back in stock. There was moment when I opened my laptop in two minutes and ordered contour kit in seconds. It took only 14 minutes until light contour kit was sold out again. 
I have used contour kit over two months now and I have to say it really is worth of every penny. Colors fits to my pale finnish skin tone and kit last very long time.
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Biggest reason why I bought Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit was that they are cruelty free company. Almost a year ago I decided to change my life a bit. I decided I will not buy any beauty products if they are tested on animals. I had to let go few of my favorite products, but I think it´s more important to protect animals from beauty testing. Though I did not throw all my make up to trashcan, so I still have few products in my make up bag, which are tested on animals. When those products run out I will change them to cruelty free product. :)

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