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1. Patches
I had to google how do you say "opiskelijahaalari" in English and according to internet it's student boilersuit. Sounds stupid. Student boilersuit are used in Finland universities for specific events (read: parties). The colour of boilersuits are determined by the faculty or programme. I study law, so my boilersuit is wine red. We can collect patches to our boilersuits by participating in various events (parties and contests), but we can also buy them from stores. There is tradition that you should never wash your boilersuit (although you can go swimming with it and "clean" it that way) and always sew patches by hand. 
I haven't bought patches over year, but then my boyfriend gave me this Paro inspired patch and I went crazy again. Ended up getting three more and now I have so much "fun" sewing them.
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2. Bron / Broen
I found Bron / Broen (The Bridge) from Netflix and I decided to gave it a go after I noticed it had gotten 8,6 points from Imdb. It's a Scandinavian crime drama, which is extremely well-made. There is no special effects or a new case in every episode. Instead, it's dark, realistic and well balanced story which is occasionally funny. I love that the main character Saga (Sofia Helin) is different (You'll find out) and strong person. I loved Bron / Broen so much that I watched two seasons in few weeks and then borrowed third season from my local library, because Netflix didn't have the third season. Well spent sleepless nights.
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3. Lush Eau Roma Water
After I finished reading Katja Kokko's "Aidosti kaunis" book, I realized that I needed toner water for my face. My face is really dry during winter and even sometimes during summer. I have tried so many different moisturizers and ways to keep my face moist, but they haven't worked so well. After I bought Eau Roma water from Lush and used 3-6 times/day my face has been so much better. This is already my second bottle. 
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4. Satumetsä
Satumetsä Iittala series is back! Satumetsä was 2009-2010 a seasonal product of the summer. When I first saw Satumetsä series I fell in love. I collected a mug, five plates and four bowls. After that I run out of the money and stores out of the Satumetsä. After all these years Satumetsä tableware has been my favorite one. I couldn't be happier when I heard that Satumetsä is coming back this summer as a seasonal product again. They are going to sell them till the end of the summer. I have already bought three mugs and huge plate and of course I'm planning to buy more. I'm trying to collect them enough, so in future I could have nice dinner party and I would have beautiful set of Satumetsä tableware on the table.
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5. Star Wars The Force Awakens
Today I did small morning cycling trip to mall. I was there before mall opened and I was able to buy The Force Awakens lowest price as possible. Anywhere else price was 17,95-19,95e, but with little longer cycling trip I was able to get it with 12,95. It was funny to see (and somehow also relief) that I wasn't the only one there. After I got mine, lots of other including really cute little boy where running to get their pieces. I'm happy that I'm finally able to watch The Force Awakens again and that I was able to save a little money. On the other hand I spend it five minutes later to buy Rambo all kind of
 different treats.

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