I'm back.

I went to Sicily with my mom. We also had extempore one-day-trip to Istanbul, thanks to Turkish Airlines. When we were landing to Istanbul's Airport (We were going to change flight there) suddenly our pilot pulled airplane back to up really fast. We were really close to landing, because we were almost at the same height as apartment buildings roof. I have Aerophobia (fear of flying), so my heart was literally screaming. Our pilot later let us know that there was little traffic at the landing strip. After delay we landed successfully, but we missed our next flight. After that I spent over four hours at the airport discussing with different people and of course every person was in other side of airport. I managed to get us next flight to day after and a hotel room from Istanbul. Turkish Airlines paid all the costs, because it was their fault. I was really exhausted after running and solving things, but when we find out we were staying at Double Tree Hotel by Hilton I started to feel little bit better. Hotel room was beautiful and food was delicious. After this experience we were just laughing and grateful. Even we "lost" one day from Sicily, we got chance to see Istanbul.

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Two weeks have gone fast and I'm happy to be at home again. I couldn't know anything better than sleeping in my own bed and washing bags dirty clothes after long trip. But it was along trip to get home though. First you should know, that I'm allergic to dogs and cats. I went through allergen immunotherapy with Rambo and after a year allergic hell was over and my body started to accept Rambo to my life. However I'm still allergic to dogs. My body still reacts tot other animals, so I usually eat extra antihistamine when I know I'm going to meet another animals. So when I took the train to Joensuu from Helsinki with Rambo, I noticed that I had to share my railroad with other animals. Total: Eight dogs and a cat. Pure hell in front of my eyes. I had to sit over four hours in the train with this crazy zoo. My throat went sore, body was itching and my nose was leaking of "water". Buckets of fun.

Now I'm at home with sore throat. Yay. Sipping hot tea and watching all tv series episodes which I have missed when I was away. Today I was also helping my dad to move to his new apartment so I deserve little relaxation.

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