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Only three work shifts left and then it's over. I have struggled lack of sleep for several weeks now and I'm close to breaking point. I'm extremely grateful for the job I have, but I can't lie, these work shifts are taking everything from me. After a month I still haven't been able to get used to really early wake-ups and running at the work so I would made it in time has just added my stress. I'm counting days to weekend when I can sleep and have energy for something else again. Finally found little energy to made this Autumn inspiration board.

Autumn is definitely my favorite within fashion and clothing. I really love summer dressing, but there is that one thing I have for coats and sweaters, that everytime end of the summer is near, I'm only excited waiting when I can but my jacket on again. This autumn I'm excited about dark colors, shades of pink and wine red, masculine blouses, boots, wool coats and cardigans, acne velocite coat, combining skirts with sweaters, tattoos etc. I love it! I'm also planning to get my third tattoo and I will try to find the perfect white original blouse which is not see-through. Seriously how hard it can be to find blouse which isn't see-through?
pictures source: pinterest & tumblr.

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