Baby Rucksack

This week my university courses started and even I was on first day little terrified, everything has gone great. I have successfully already read through one of the test books and done Japanese essay. I have also worked few shifts at underwear shop and shifts have gone really well. Customers were so nice and somehow working started to went fluently. So proud of myself.

I recently purchased from sales only few items. One of them was Grafea's Baby Rucksack. I've never directly shopped from this brand before. Last year I bought myself second-hand big Grafea's rucksack, which I have liked a lot. Briefly, if you are not familiar with the brand, it is an British brand. They make vintage style leather bags hand made in England. Bags are good quality and classics with big color range.

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I selected myself this black baby rucksack. I was really close to buy pink, but when I thought about it I knew I wouldn't use it as much as black. After carrying big rucksack filled with books and water bottle I have started to dream small rucksack. Smaller rucksack is also really useful, because you don't have to carry big rucksack just to carry small stuff.

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While I was wandering through website sales and saw this one, I knew it was right one for me. It's small, a classic style and it has cute pom pom to add little cuteness. Just what I needed.

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I have already used it few times and it is so light! I usually like to only carry my passport, wallet, hairbrush and small cosmetics and stuff with me so small rucksack is perfect for it. Big rucksack is heavy even it is empty so this is a big change to my weekdays. Unfortunately I can't use it at school, because almost everyday I need to take few school books with me, so I have to save this baby rucksack for not school days. 

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