Hazy Days

It took ages to get this blog post here. I had problems with Tinypic, which I normally use to upload my pictures to blog. For some reason they lost my pictures or all of them were corrupted. How nice. Finally I uploaded my pictures directly to blog and it's working. Thank god.

There were few hazy days last week and then days turned slowly sunnier and warmer here in East Finland. So praise yourself spring is coming! I love all the seasons, so I don't mind enjoying still winter landscapes until spring comes. I have to say, I always feel a little bit more energetic during sunnier days. I have been also happier few days, because I got information that my bachelor degree's treatise is accepted and reviewed. That means I only need to pass two last mandatory courses and I will have my bachelor degree. I already got information that I passed international criminal law course, which was one of the mandatory courses and that means I only have one course left! Eep! I also passed the course with full points 5/5 even I thought I had failed the test. So I'm over the moon right now. It feels that my studies have gone really well recently even I have had a lot of stress and stuff to work with. 

Anyway here's a little outfit I wanted to show you. Unfortunately Finnish weather doesn't allow me to wear this yet, but I had to take pictures with this pink bomber jacket already. Beginning of 2017 I promised myself that I won't buy so much clothes as usual. I try to make better choices. I try to buy only clothes that I will use over 30 times, which fits to my wardrobe and which I will hopefully love years. And here is the first piece of clothing I found to my wardrobe. Pink bomber from sale at Zara. This beauty was last piece left at the store and price was only 12,95e. Insane. I had to get it and I'm really excited about pink, light blue and yellow shades this summer.

On my lips I used Essence lipliner (Shade: 06 Satin Mauve) and Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick (Shade: Pure Hollywood). I put lipliner all over my lips, which makes the color last longer (ages). I ate and drank, but my lipstick didn't come off. Perfect. After Essence I put little Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick on my lips and then I was done. I really love the color which I get from these buddies. Anastasia Beverly Hills and Essence are both brands, which doesn't test on animals. So they are the good guys!

I also bought myself new Gudetama iPhone case. After I dropped my phone in bathroom and scratched it, I realized I should buy phone case, which would fit for everyday use. I found this one from Ebay and yes, I think it's perfect for everyday use.

But now I should go to sleep. I have early wake up tomorrow, because I'm going to hairdresser to cut my hair just a bit. I have tried to grow my hair a long time, but I want to cut it to fresher shape for summer. Let's say I want to try something new. Little change. I'm pretty sure my boyfriend won't even notice difference. Haha. Goodnight! 

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