Rough week

Yesterday my dad was being run over a car. Car's windshield was smashed and my dad was lying on asphalt. My dad phone me from ambulance. Needless to say my hearth skipped a beat. I heard from his voice that he was ok, but still I was horrified. My dad could have died. He's ankle is broken, bicycle is destroyed, Levi's jeans cut in half and winter jacket's sleeve ruptured off. But he's still here.

This accident made me think about life. How short it is. How everybody around us won't live forever. Anything can happen. We should appreciate life, people around us and things we already have. Usually we are complaining and desiring about things we don't have, when we could stop and start to think more positively. Of course everyone knows these things, but during weekdays it slides away from our minds. We start wallow in melancholy and negative thoughts. We forgot we are surrounded by amazing people and we already have filled our homes with nice stuff. We should appreciate life more often.

Also almost a week ago my phone took a bath, which basically means I have been living without my smartphone. Luckily this accident included in my insurance contract and I have already sent my phone to repair. Hopefully this week I will receive similar iPhone, which is refurbished. I have been using my mom's old Nokia phone, which is not smartphone, but people have been able to reach me with phone calls and text messages. I have been isolated from social media. Suddenly Facebook, funny 9gag pictures, Snapchat, Instagram, News, Games and all other apps are not anymore available. Break from social media is a good thing and I have realized how much I usually stare my phone, when I could do something more reasonable.

There are still few bad things, which I have noticed when I don't have smartphone. I'm not able to check weather quickly so I usually run outside to notice I'm wearing too much or too less. I'm also unable to check my emails so often as usually, because I can't sit next to laptop all the time. Checking little details from Google is also unable. For example in grocery store you are unable to check from recipe that did you needed those eggs or not. Whatsapp. No more pictures and easy contact to my family and friends. So yeah, I have been feeling little down about losing my smartphone. I have been feeling more down, because again I lost most of my pictures and files (because I hadn't remembered to save them, stupid) and of course this accident added 100 € extra cost to me. I have already done few extra work shifts, so that I'm able to pay the bill.

Because my week was obviously not rough enough, my jeans ripped from the crotch yesterday. Those jeans are my favorite jeans and actually only jeans I have right now. I was able to fix them, but I'm afraid they will rip soon again. Phone and jeans are luckily only material, which are not irreplaceable.

Gudetama Night Lamp from Ebay.

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