Louis Vuitton Agenda

After I received information that I had completed my bachelor degree and that I was now officially Bachelor of Administrative Sciences. I decided to give myself a gift.

I'm a bit of an organisation lover, I like things to have their place and everything to run smoothly. My agendas through years have been the epicentre of my studying and working life. My schedule makes my world go round and my days run to plan. I'm colour coding school courses and working shifts, information is included, times dates and locations locked and cute stickers added to cheer up my mood.

Even phones these days have really good calendar options and alerts and all, I just don't personally like to use them. All those social medias comments, likes and interactions, it's easy to lose your grasp on it all. Notifications barking your attention. Mean comments ready to stab your self-confidence. Everybody is craving your attention. You need to be everywhere in real time, you need to be ready to take part in and in the same you need to handle your schedule and life. So phone's calendar is not for me. My phone's calendar is empty. Desert of numbers and I like it.

I love to have a physical agenda in my hands. Through the years I have had different sizes and types of agendas. There have been teenage magazine agendas, fancy black agenda with golden edge, but no matter what kind of agenda I have had I have rarely used it whole year. Somehow I have just got bored with it or I have messed the pages so badly, that I couldn't look at them anymore. Sometimes agenda have been just little too heavy or big and little by little I haven't carry it around with me anymore. So as a gift to myself, I decided to buy myself permanent agenda, which I wouldn't get bored or mess the pages. I bought Louis Vuitton's PM agenda cover. Cover is classic, which I won't get bored and the best part is that every year you can easily change your fillers to new ones. Louis Vuitton offers their own agenda refills, which are pretty pricey. Thankfully Etsy and Shops are filled with cheaper refills, which will match Louis Vuitton agenda perfectly. I bought myself month diary refill from Filofax and week diary from Timex. I also got empty and lines pages for random thoughts and errands. I also bought several bunny stickers from Ebay and Blippo.com, so this year will be bunny themed agenda. Haha.

The best part....agenda is second handed. Vestiaire and Trendsales are filled with used Louis Vuitton agenda's. This beauty came from Denmark. Seller had bought it from Milan. She sent it with authentic box and receipt, which was so nice of her. Agenda cost 155 € with postage. Original price is 300-325 €. So this was great bargain.

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